Planning Documents




Municipal Development Plan 847.22 (MDP) 

The MDP provides policies to give the opportunity for both industrial and residential development to occur while at the same time conserving the agricultural base of the County. The Municipal Development Plan is to be used by Council, the public, and government agencies to ensure that land development in Lamont County occurs in a fashion which is orderly, efficient, and consistent.

Land Use Bylaw 675/07 (LUB)

The LUB regulates and controls the use and development of land and buildings within the County to achieve orderly development of land. The LUB divides the municipality into districts that prescribe and regulate the purpose for which land and buildings may be used.

Lamont County Land Use Bylaw 675-07

Section 7 Amendments - May 2018

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Area Structure Plan 780.18 (ASP)

The Heartland ASP is related specifically to Alberta’s Industrial Heartland District. It provides a framework specifically for industrial development and describes such things as planning parameters; development policies, controls, and standards; land use patterns; and utility servicing.

Heartland Area Structure Plan (amended May 2018)

Amendment Application Forms

ASP Amendment Form (.pdf)
LUB Amendment Form (.pdf)
MDP Amendment Form (.pdf)

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