Water Main Break (St. Michael)

IMPORTANT: There is a water main break at the St. Michael water system. WATER is now SHUT OFF. Residents impacted should take steps to conserve water immediately. Repairs are in progress, but there is no estimated time for completion at this time. There will likely be a boil advisory at that time. Thank you for your patience as this is fixed.


Applying for a Subdivision

General Subdivision Information

The Director or Acting Director of Planning & Community Services for Lamont County is the Subdivision Authority. Please send all Subdivision Applications to Lamont County Planning and Development.


Can I subdivide my land?

The first step to determining if you can subdivide your land is to know your current zoning. Zoning dictates if you can/can’t subdivide and outlines subdivision parameters specific to that zone. After determining your zoning, visit our Planning Documents and review the excerpt from the Land Use Bylaw specific to your zone. If you are unsure about whether you can subdivide your land, or have a specific subdivision inquiry, the Planning & Development Department can respond to your inquiry. The information provided by the Planning & Development Department does not constitute a decision or approval. In order to receive a decision, you will be required to submit a formal subdivision application.

How long does it take?

An application for a general subdivision can take approximately 3 to 4 months to process. 

How much does it cost?

The cost of subdividing land will vary upon the complexity of your application. Costs you should consider when subdividing land are;

  • An application fee as established by the Subdivision Authority (see Subdivision Information Package)
  • The cost for additional approach(s)
  • The costs associated with hiring an agent to represent your application should you choose to do so
  • The costs associated with meeting any additional conditions of approval,
  • Municipal Reserve (if applicable)
  • The costs for a Real Property Report for developed residential parcels or for verification of information
  • The costs for an Alberta Land Surveyor to develop a registrable site plan,
  • The costs of registering your parcel at the Land Titles Office.

What is Municipal Reserve and why must I provide it to the County?

Municipal Reserve dedication is collected by all Municipalities to allow for the development and maintenance of parks, trails, schools and community centres with the County. The Municipal Government Act requires that municipal reserve be collected on each subdivision application with the exception of:

1. One lot is to be created from the quarter section.
2. Land is to be subdivided into lots of 40 acres or more.
3. Reserve land or a cash-in-lieu payment has been previously provided.

What if I don’t agree with the decision of the Subdivision Authority?

You can appeal the decision of the Subdivision Authority by submitting a written letter of appeal outlining the grounds for the appeal and the applicable appeal fee. The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) will hear your appeal and make a decision.

The decision and reasons for that decision are written so that interested parties clearly understand why a particular decision was reached. If you are not satisfied with the decision of the SDAB, you may appeal to the Alberta Court of Appeal, however, appeals will be heard only on a question of law or jurisdiction.

Who may appeal?

In the case of a decision of the Subdivision Authority:

  • The applicant.
  • A government department, if the application was referred to that department.
  • A school authority, if the application involves a municipal or school reserve
  • In the case of a decision of the development authority.
  • Anyone “affected” by the decision may appeal.
  • In the case of a Stop Order
  • Anyone affected by the Stop Order