Emergency Alert

Lamont County Alert System

This system is managed by Lamont County and will be used to issue alerts in the event of an emergency or an event that may impact you.
You pick where, you pick how

You will receive time-sensitive messages in the manner(s) you specify:

  • home phone
  • mobile
  • business phone
  • email
  • text messages.

Alert messages can also be sent to you about incidents happening near locations you specify in your notification settings.

Choose Your Alerts

The Lamont County Alert System will issue messages about emergency alerts. This is any event which is considered an emergency related to the safety and well-being of some/all Lamont County residents. These notifications may include, but are not limited to:

  • Public safety notifications, including water, fire, fog, RCMP, traffic incidents, etc.
  • Specific weather watches/warnings when applicable, including flooding, smoke or drought-related (Environment Canada issues weather alerts through the Alberta Emergency Alert program). 

NOTE: the Alberta Emergency Alert program notifies all residents through their devices and email of life-threatening emergencies. All other notifications come from this program. 

We may also use this to alert you of local events such as road or bridge closures; snow clearing, road bans, County events, etc. Road closures and specific events will also be posted on Lamont County social media (Facebook and X) when relevant.

You choose one or both types of messaging you wish to receive.

You can also sign up for the Alberta Emergency Alerts system, which is alerts across Canada that appear in email, text message and emergency notification popups for life-threatening notifications and alerts (including weather, incidents, Amber Alerts/abductions, etc.).

How to Sign Up

Registering to receive alerts is easy and one person can sign up the whole family in a matter of minutes. This will ensure that all members of your family are notified in the event of an emergency or an unplanned event. Knowledge is key to making wise decisions.

Register at: Lamont County Alert System (https://member.everbridge.net/index/3091830992273592#/login).

Once you are registered, you only have to go back into the system if your contact information requires updating.

This system is powered by Everbridge and has been used by organizations in over 100 countries for emergency notification and day-to-day incident communication.


When entering a rural address, please leave out the “0” in the number for accurate mapping.

The personal information that you provide will be used to notify you about imminent threats to health and safety as well as informational notifications that affect your location or work environments. Lamont County does not disclose personal information to third parties without written consent, unless disclosure is authorized by legislation, or required by law for the purposes of criminal investigation. If you have any questions about the collection or use of your personal information, please contact: (780) 895–2233 ext. 236

Industrial Activity

Information on industrial activity is posted on the NRCAER UPDATE line: 1-866-653-9959. This is a 24-hour number that residents can call to hear current information about non-routine industry activity (unusual noises, alarms, training, flares, odours, etc.) and get emergency incident updates.

Lamont County Fire Advisory Line

To see updates on fire burning status and other related emergency updates, phone 1-780-895-7674.