Public Works Fees

Download the Schedule of Fees in effect January 1, 2023.

Grader Flags (Private Snow Removal)

$125 +GST per flag - Regular Snow Removal.
$200 +GST per year - Seniors (65+) Snow Removal.
$100 +GST per year (annual Doctor's note required) - Medically Fragile Snow Removal.

Children at Play Signs (installation of two signs, materials, labour) Each: $600.00. 

Approach Inspections (Pre & Post included)


Approach Refundable Deposits

  • 7, 8 or 9 Metre Approach (*see Note 1): $3,500.00
  • 10, 11 or 12 Metre Approach (*see Note 1): $4,720.00

Note 1: When a landowner applies for a 2nd (or more) or expanded approach, an agreement will be entered into. A security deposit will be provided in the form of a cheque or other negotiable instruments & will be held for a maximum of six months, at which time a new cheque (or negotiable instrument) must be provided.

Inspection & Permits for pipeline crossings on right of ways


Lamco Gas Coop - Exempt

Seismic Operations Permits


Right of Access and/or Waiver Request for existing approaches


Right of Access and/or Waiver Request for utility company & poles on right of way



Labour and Equipment Rates

As per present policy (Contracting out Equipment Policy):

  • Non-profit: Alberta Roadbuilders Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA) rates less 25%.
  • Private Sector: ARHCA rates.