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There are no restrictions at this time. Individuals will need to apply for a permit for all open-air burning as per policy. Extreme caution for off-road vehicles, fireworks and exploding targets should be used. Campfires, charcoal barbecues, burn barrels, propane fueled fire pits are permitted. BRUSH PILE/DEMOLISHED BUILDING PERMITS can now be issued for this season. All current permits of these types expire on March 31, 2024. As per County Policy, there shall be no brush pile burning between April 1 and October 31 of each year. Thank you for your cooperation.

Burning or otherwise failing to follow the conditions set out in a Fire Ban, or Restriction Order could result in a $1500 minimum fine.

This order is issued under the authority of Lamont County  Bylaw 847.

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About Emergency Services

Lamont County Emergency Services coordinates and maintains emergency response services for Lamont County and the urban municipalities within its boundaries. These services include, but are not limited to, fire suppression, fire prevention, and medical first response.

If you see an emergency of any type, report it immediately by calling 911.