Private Snow Removal

Private Snow Removal

In effort to best serve Lamont County residents, Council has recently made amendments to the custom snow plowing/grading on private driveways (Residential Snowplowing: Policy #5100).

County residents who are medically fragile and/or require at home medical services on a regular basis will receive the service on a reduced basis. This is only provided subject to provision of an doctor's note (annually) and also be recorded separately so that a flag is not required. The service provided for medically fragile is $100.00 +GST /season.

The service provided for seniors (65+) is $200 +GST /season and will be recorded separately so that a flag is not required. This service will only be provided after all roads have been opened and medically fragile residents’ driveway clearing has been completed.

All other landowners/designates will have the opportunity to buy flags at $125 +GST /flag (Regular Flags).

For snowplowing purposes only, if four extra flags are posted, County forces will clear snow for agricultural purposes. This is to the equivalent of a maximum of one hours’ work (not including time spent clearing the driveway).

1 flag – Driveway cleared only;
4 flags – For agricultural purposes; or
5 flags – Both driveway and for agricultural purposes.

The service provided for the driveway clearing will be the distance from the County right-of-way to the residence and supporting infrastructure and back to the right of way. Service will be initiated subject to a flag placed at the entrance of the property unless the resident is a senior, medically fragile or requires at home medical services.

Please note: time spent on driveway clearing is a maximum of 30 minutes per clearing. This is due to the sheer volume of requests. Public Works receives approximately 120 driveway clearing requests, including church clearing requests per snow event. If your driveway is cleared of snow prior to Public Works driveway clearing arriving, please also let us know so we can efficiently clear all requests in a timely manner!

1. Where can I purchase a flag?

Lamont County Public Works & Admin office, Town of Mundare, Town of Andrew, and online through OptionPay

2. How much does a flag cost?

$125.00 + GST per flag.

3. How many can I buy at once?

You can buy as many as you wish. We recommend you purchase as many as you feel you will use in a year and ALWAYS have some on hand in case of a storm.

4. What if I want more than the driveway cleaned?

  • 1 flag - Driveway one cleared;
  • 4-flags for Ag purposes; or
  • 5 flags both driveway and Ag purposes.

5. Where do I place the flag?

At the end of the driveway/approach where you would like the snow cleared. The grader operator needs to clearly see them and be able to retrieve them.

6. Do the flags expire?


7. Can the flag be used summer or winter?

The flag is for winter only, not summer.

8. Can my neighbour use my flag?

No only you can use the flag purchased for your property. When the flag is purchased an agreement was signed and a map was drawn. This means until the flag is used this flag is limited to only this parcel of land.

9. If I move from the county can I return the flag?

Flags can be returned at the price that it was purchased. The flag will need to be returned to the Admin Building and a cheque will be issued. This process can take up to two weeks.

10. If the grader has gone past my driveway and has not done my driveway what do I do?

If all of the roads have not been opened up, wait your turn, if the roads have been opened up, call Public Works.

11. Does the county provide a senior’s rate?

The service provided for seniors (65+) will be $200 + GST per season.

12. Who is eligible for reduced rate driveway snow clearing (medically fragile)?

County residents who are medically fragile and/or require home medical services on regular basis will receive the service on a significantly reduced rate ($100 + GST per season. The service is only be provided subject to the provision of a doctor’s note annually. Special concessions will be given for unique homecare situations.

13. If I am a senior or am eligible for the medically fragile program will I need to put up a flag?

For both of the services a flag will not be required. We will require your legal description or your rural address. Medically fragile services require a doctor's note annually.

14. What are the priorities of the grader operators?

• Roads • Emergencies (driveways) • Medical Fragile • Seniors • Orange grader flags

15. What constitutes an emergency?

Life threatening individual emergencies such as fire, request from police and emergency services, birth, illness, death, and deliveries because of absence of home fuel.

16. What are the land owner’s responsibilities?

  • To be prepared to sign an annual agreement and clearly mark on a map provided (by the county) any obstacles.
  • Land owner is responsible for any damage done to landscaping or amenities, as there is a hold harmless notice in the agreement. The County will not be sending crews out in the spring to replace gravel from lawns to driveways, or to roll back sod that has been pealed.
  • Ensure there is enough room to accommodate the grader.
  • The driveway is to be staked out and problems/concern areas clearly marked.
  • Residents are responsible to be prepared if a large amount of snow should fall it may take “7-10” days before all roadways and driveways are plowed. So residents should be prepared with a basic emergency kit.

17. Who can sign an agreement?

Landowners can only sign the agreement. Landowners are able to assign a designate on a yearly basis.

18. How can I get an agreement?

An agreement can be found at all the locations that sell the flags. The agreement can be mailed, faxed or emailed.

19. Will the service be provided without this agreement signed every year?

A new agreement will need to be provided every year before the services are given.