Business Licence

Lamont County currently offers a Voluntary Business License Register to promote and encourage local businesses. Businesses participating in the register will be added to the Lamont County Business Directory upon its inception and will be circulated to the public.

  • A commercial, merchandising or industrial activity or undertaking.
  • A profession, trade, occupation, calling or employment.
  • An activity providing goods or services whether or not for profit and however organized or formed, including a co-operative or association of persons.

For most businesses in the County, applying for a Business License is as easy as completing the application form and paying the annual fee of $30 (as of January 1, 2020). Occasionally, some businesses will require a development permit before they can be issued a Business License. Bring in your already prepared Business License Application or visit the Planning & Development Department for more information.

Once all other permits have been issued and complied with, a Business License can be issued. A Business License Application application for a Business License can take up to 3 days to process and will be mailed out to the business owner. It is important to note that the legal owner of the land on which the business operates must also sign the application. Business Licenses are issued based on the calendar year and expire at midnight, December 31st. Businesses that choose not to renew their license will be deleted from the register.

A limited number of specialty businesses are required to have a provincial business license. For more information on Provincial Business Licenses, visit Service Alberta.