Public Works

During office hours, the Public Works Office expects to always be staffed even during extreme conditions. The public can contact the Public Works office by phone at 780-895-2547 (Toll Free: 1-866-895-2547) or Email

For after-hours Public Works emergencies ONLY (emergencies involving Lamont County roads or utilities), call John Uganecz at 780-903-5064.

To report a road maintenance issue or request another Public Works service, visit the Service Requests page.


Public Works is the custodian of all local roads within the County. The Public Works Department provides summer and winter maintenance, graveling, dust control, approach building, culvert replacement, sign installation, bridge repairs, crack filling and patching. We also provide yearly road construction, including ditch cleaning and shoulder pulls.

Lamont County has approximately 2089 km of local roads which are made up of 9.6 km of paved roads, 34 km of oiled roads, 1931.2 km of gravel roads and 116.3 km of undeveloped road allowances.
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