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When we have a snow event, check here for updates on what level of clearing we are at. 


Graders and plow trucks have been dispatched to clear roads based on priority clearing.

If you are aware of any areas in Lamont County that require immediate attention, please contact Public Works by completing a Service Request online or by phone. Note: all requests are entered into the Service Request system directly as they are received, it is advised to submit an online request whenever possible.

Our goal is to complete snow and ice control on priority roads as soon as possible, typically within 72 hours. Other priority roads can take up to 96 hours depending on the event, weather and access. Please take precautions so you are prepared for limited accessibility for up to 7-10 days to ensure you have supplies, medication, etc., during major snow events.

Please note: time spent on driveway clearing is a maximum of 30 minutes per clearing. This is due to the sheer volume of requests. Public Works receives approximately 120 driveway clearing requests, including church clearing requests per snow event. If your driveway is cleared of snow prior to Public Works driveway clearing arriving, please also let us know so we can efficiently clear all requests in a timely manner!

• Residential Snowplowing

• Grader Flag Agreement 

• Snow and Ice Control-Snow Clearing County Roads Policy (5104)

• Winter Maintenance (Road Maintenance: Public Works)

• Roads (Public Works)

• Schedule of Fees

All County roads will be maintained according to the following priority list:

During a snowfall event, the County will use the following order of priority for snow removal (connecting roads with a lower priority will also be treated for efficiency purposes).

a) Emergencies (Ambulance, Police, Fire, Utilities);
b) Major collector roads and Hamlets;
c) Bus Routes;
d) Minor collector roads;
e) Local roads (e.g., Dead End Roads, etc.);
f) Private Driveways;
g) Public Facilities as requested (churches, cemeteries, community halls);
h) Snow removal from approaches (including snow ridges that may have accumulated
on approaches); then
i) Private approaches (if not done as part of snow clearing) and unmaintained road
allowances used for agricultural purposes, on a per request basis as equipment and
resources are available.

During office hours, the Public Works Office expects to always be staffed even during extreme conditions. The public can contact the Public Works office by phone at 780-895-2547 (Toll Free: 1-866-895-2547) or email:

For after-hours Public Works emergencies ONLY (emergencies involving Lamont County roads or utilities), call 780-903-5064.

To report a road maintenance issue, snow clearing, or request another Public Works service, please visit the Service Requests page. Requests and phone calls are tracked through a priority basis once received and only need to be submitted once (preferably  online). 


Public Works is the custodian of all local roads within the County. The Public Works Department provides summer and winter maintenance, graveling, dust control, approach building, culvert replacement, sign installation, bridge repairs, crack filling and patching. We also provide yearly road construction, including ditch cleaning and shoulder pulls.

Lamont County has approximately 2089 km of local roads which are made up of 9.6 km of paved roads, 34 km of oiled roads, 1931.2 km of gravel roads and 116.3 km of undeveloped road allowances.