Water Main Break (St. Michael)

IMPORTANT: There is a water main break at the St. Michael water system. WATER is now SHUT OFF. Residents impacted should take steps to conserve water immediately. Repairs are in progress, but there is no estimated time for completion at this time. There will likely be a boil advisory at that time. Thank you for your patience as this is fixed.

Road Maintenance

Road Maintenance

There are 156 km (97 miles) of Primary Highways and 163.7 km (102 miles) of Secondary Highways in Lamont County. Since 2001, Lamont County is no longer responsible for the maintenance and construction of these highways. These highways include Hwy 831, Hwy 29 (formerly 637), Hwy 645, Hwy 855, Hwy 834, Hwy 15, Hwy 16, Hwy 38, and Hwy 45.

Any questions regarding engineering should be forwarded to Alberta Transportation at 780-853-8178 and maintenance concerns to Emcon Services Inc. at 1-800-390-2242.

Did you know there are approximately 3362 km (2089 miles) of local roads in Lamont County? That’s the distance from Edmonton to Thunder Bay Ontario! There are eight Graders that work on a regular “grader beat” ranging from  250 km (155 miles) to 298 km (185 miles). One additional grader is used for oiling and applying dust control.

Lamont County has 142 bridges on local roads. All minor maintenance is performed by County forces. A 3-year bridge replacement priority list is prepared annually and submitted to Alberta Transportation Bridge Branch for funding requirements and approval.

Lamont County strives to provide a quick and efficient maintenance program during the winter months. During a major snow event (15+ centimetres of snow or major wind drifting), it generally takes 7-8 days to clear roads—including access for seniors, medically fragile and driveways. Please note: Snow and Ice Control-Snow Clearing County Roads Policy (5104).

     - Ensure you have enough heating fuel and supplies on hand for several days.
     - Notify your employer beforehand that you live in a rural setting and may not be able to travel in the event of a storm.
     - Any medical appointments should be rescheduled once travel can safely be achieved.
     - Roads are cleared on a priority basis starting with emergency routes and major roads.
     - Medical emergencies, such as ambulance assistance will be immediately attended to, and are top priority.
     - Roads and access are cleared for priority and effectiveness.
     - See the Public Works page for snow clearing updates (daily during major snow events).
     - See the Public Works page for the County road maintenance priority list.


Lamont County endeavors to keep the countryside free from garbage and debris in ditches. Please cover the loads you take to the landfill.

Dumping of material in county ditches is prohibited and offenders will be fined under the Waste Disposal Bylaw.

Report any garbage dumped in ditches to the Public Works Department at 780-895-2547. Please keep our County Clean!

Lamont County erects signs pursuant to its Private Signs procedure and pursuant to the Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada. Signs are replaced on a “call in basis” from the public, staff workers and council. Every fall and spring signs are replaced that are bent, faded or damaged as necessary. 

Please submit a Service Request if you notice a sign missing or in need of repair/replacement.

Private Signs

Lamont County allows the erection of private signs pursuant to its private sign policies.

Once approved, the resident is responsible for the cost of the sign, general maintenance (when applicable) and/or replacement of the sign. Lamont County will provide installation of the sign (when applicable).

For more information or application contact Public Works at 780-895-2547.

Canadian National Railway (CN): 1-800-465-9239, option 3 (for emergencies/snow clearing on train tracks).

Canada Pacific Railway (CP): 1-800-716-9132 (for emergencies/snow clearing on train tracks).