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NEWS RELEASE – STATEMENT: Lamont County Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Development Plan Adoption Tabled 60-days for Additional Public Consultation

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Lamont County Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Development Plan Adoption Tabled 60-days for Additional Public Consultation

March 15, 2023 – LAMONT, AB: Lamont County Council initiated Land Use Bylaw (LUB) and Municipal Development Plan (MDP) updates in 2016 as part of a regular review process and public consultation periods. These updated documents were presented to Council for second and third readings at the March 14 council meeting. At that time, Council determined further public input was required to ensure public concerns were understood.

As such, Council directed a 60-day period for public input. Landowners and stakeholders are invited to provide written submissions to Lamont County Administration until end-of-day on May 15, 2023. These written submissions can be provided by mail, email, and/or in person to Lamont County Administration (all submissions received will be presented to Council at a future council meeting).

 After the deadline, submissions will be compiled, presented to Council. At that time, Council will determine whether to proceed with incorporating amendments into  the LUB/MDP; whether a further public hearing is required, or whether to proceed with the proposed LUB/MDP readings and bylaw/plan adoption.

An LUB/MDP is typically reviewed every 5-10 years to update for current trends, government requirements and other economic updates. Because the current LUB and MDP were approved in 2007, it was overdue for an update.

The review was initiated in 2016, with public consultation and open house activities completed. There was a brief pause during the recent pandemic and open house engagement sessions were renewed in summer 2022. The proposed LUB and MDP was presented by Stantec (Lamont County’s consultant) to Council and the public in November 2022—this outlined limited updates to the LUB and MDP. The public was then invited to provide feedback at the public hearing before the regular council meeting on January 24.

Feedback and submissions from the Public Hearing were incorporated into the documents in preparation for second and third readings of the bylaw.

In order to alleviate concerns about coordination of MDPs around the world, concerns around limiting development and around 15-minute communities, and to ensure residents had a full opportunity to understand and express any concerns, Lamont County recognized that further engagement is necessary. At the March 14 Council Meeting, Lamont County Council received valuable feedback from the public and determined a 60-day period for additional public input.

Next Steps:

  1. Open period for public submissions (until May 15) to the attention of Lamont County Administration:
    1. MAIL: 5303 - 50th Ave Lamont, AB T0B 2R0
    2. EMAIL: info@lamontcounty.ca; or
    3. FAX: 780-895-7404.
  2. At the end of the input period, Lamont County Planning and Development will compile all submissions and present to Council (likely in June 2023).
  3. Council will at that time determine whether to proceed with an amended version, necessitating a further Public Hearing, to reject any proposed changes, or to proceed with the bylaws “as-is". Council can also determine whether other next steps are required.
  4. Even if Council passes second and third readings and the new bylaw/plans are legislated, the public can still provide feedback, ask questions, express concerns or updates. Council can then determine appropriate next steps which could involve subsequent amendments.

NOTE: As per legislation, delegations speaking about a draft LUB and MDP are only allowed at a public hearing and not during regular council meetings. Public engagement is encouraged, and this is in place to follow mandated procedures and not to limit feedback or concerns. Correspondence can be sent to Council/Councillors and Administration at any time for review.

Misconceptions and Additional information

There are several misconceptions related to municipal development plans and land use bylaws, including 15-minute communities, collusion by municipalities to limit expansion and growth, and efforts to limit public engagement and passing new plans and bylaws in closed doors.

 These are not occurring as part of Lamont County’s LUB and MDP plans and process.

All decisions and updates are being made independently by Lamont County and are intended to facilitate Lamont County’s Strategic Plan, to foster growth, increase development, opportunity and quality of life. The LUB/MDP process is not fast-tracked nor done behind closed doors.

Lamont County encourages all residents and stakeholders to review the current and proposed versions of the LUB and MDP to ensure interested parties have the opportunity to provide feedback and discussion. (See the original and proposed versions here.)

Edits to the current MDP and LUB were made as part of regular reviews and to enable industrial, commercial, agriculture and residential growth in the region. Amendments are not intended to limit appropriate development in any way that infringes on an individual privacy. Lamont County Council is committed to considering all feedback garnered through public consultation and complying with all directions in the Municipal Government Act.

Council has guided Administration (and Stantec) through every step in this process to ensure these plans are appropriate for Lamont County and consider development trends, activities and to reflect policies for beneficial growth.

See the attached fact sheet (also posted at www.lamontcounty.ca) common myths and details related to land use bylaws and steps Lamont County has taken to ensure the public is continually involved in the decision-making process.

[Enclosure: Fact Sheet for LUB and MDP.]


Media inquiries can be directed to:

Jay Zaal
Communications Coordinator
780-895-2233 Ext. 222


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