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Transportation Plan

The primary objective of this study is to identify roadway improvements necessary to accommodate existing and future developments and to assist the County in developing budgets and priorities for the transportation system network in the District. This Plan provides a review of all the County-owned roadways, intersections (including County roadway intersections with Alberta Transportation roadways), and bridges located within Lamont County’s South Lamont Heartland Industrial District.

Transportation Master Plan (click to download .pdf files)

Part 1 – Part 1 Pg 1 to 10

  • Introduction
  • Roadway Inspections
  • Roadway Improvement Priority Matrix
  • Cost Estimates
  • Traffic Counts
  • Trip Generation
  • Intersection Treatment Analysis
  • Closure

Part 2 – Part 2 Appendix A-C

  • Appendix A – Study Area Map
  • Appendix B – Field Inspection Forms
  • Appendix C – Photo reference pages

Part 3 – Part 3 Photos 1 to 78

  • Appendix C – Photos 1-78

Part 4 – Part 4 Appendix D – F

  • Appendix D – Roadway Improvement Cost Estimate Details
  • Appendix E – Traffic Counts
  • Appendix F – Trip Generation
  • Appendix G – Intersection Treatment Analysis

Industrial Heartland (South Basin) Off-Site Transportation Levy Bylaw (740.14)

Off-Site Levy Transportation Bylaw 740.14
Schedule A