Available Property

Lamont County has a wide variety of land available throughout the Heartland Industrial Area, zoned for heavy industrial, light/medium industrial/commercial and agricultural industrial use.

Some landowners have let Lamont County know of their interest in selling their property for industrial development, and have authorized us to share their property information with industry and realtors. These listings can be found individually below.

If you are interested in more information about any available properties, please contact the Lamont County Economic Development department at 780-895-2233 ext. 216, or email Economicdevelopment@lamontcounty.ca.

PLEASE NOTE: These properties are not necessarily listed on MLS, and Lamont County is not a real estate agent. If you have questions about a property not listed on our website, or are interested in property for residential use, please contact a realtor.

Any landowners wishing to have their property listed on this page can fill out this form and return to the Lamont County Economic Development department.

To see where available land is located, view the interactive map below.

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[NOTE: Contact Economic Development for urgent inquiries related to land (as this may not include all available properties, only the ones received and approved to post).]