Agricultural Services

2020 Farmer Appreciation


During this time please be advised that if you need to reach the Agriculture Services Department please call/email our direct lines at:
  • Agriculture Services Department General Inquiries - Phone: 780-895-2585 Email:
  • Terry Eleniak (Agricultural Fieldman) - Phone: 780-895-2585 ext. 270 or Email:
  • Lindsay Benbow (Assistant Agricultural Fieldman) - Phone: 780-895-2585 ext. 271 or Email:
As we are working from home it is extremely important that when you phone in you leave a detailed message, as this message will then be forwarded to the individuals above.

We will still be assisting producers and landowners with questions pertaining to agriculture or the environment. If you are interested in participating in the Watershed Projects please call or email Lindsay.

Our rental program will not be available during this time, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Our programs will be assessed and reviewed as the conditions change. 

The Agricultural Services Department is directed by Lamont County’s Agricultural Service Board (ASB). The ASB functions as the voice of agriculture by advising and responding to issues of local, provincial and national interest.

The Agricultural Service Board (ASB) and department strives to act with respect to, and assist in, proper land utilization and its production with a view to improving the economic well being of the farmer, and to develop and promote agricultural policies to meet the needs of the agricultural community of Lamont County.

Through County Council, the ASB and Agricultural Service Department work diligently to promote the ASB core values of:


We believe in the importance of conserving our natural resources, traditional agriculture, and the family farm.

Client Focus:

We believe in doing our best to meet the needs of every client who contacts our office in search of assistance, knowledge, or results.

Program Delivery:

We believe in providing the most information possible to all program participants and ensuring the needs of participants are met.

The Agricultural Services Department is legislated to conduct its activities under the Weed Control Act, the Agricultural Pests Act, the Soil Conservation Act and the Livestock Diseases Act. The department and the Agricultural Fieldman support the Agricultural Services Board to meet and make recommendations to Council and the Provincial Minister of Agriculture. The Agricultural Fieldman also acts as a liaison with the public, manager, ASB, and government representatives.

The Agricultural Service Department can be contacted at 780-895-2585 or by email or:
  • Email Agricultural Fieldman Terry Eleniak
  • Email Assistant Agricultural Fieldman Lindsay Benbow

Agricultural Service Board Members

  • Daniel Warawa, ASB Chairman
  • Wayne Woldanski, Councilor
  • David Diduck, Councilor
  • Roy Anaka, Councilor
  • Neil Woitas, Councilor

2020 Meeting Dates

*PLEASE NOTE* ASB Meetings have been cancelled until further notice.

The Agricultural Service Board meets 8 times annually to review and update agricultural policies, procedures, programs, staff, and current agricultural issues facing Lamont County producers. The 2020 meeting dates are as follows:
  • February 5
  • March 4
  • April 1
  • May 6
  • June 3
  • August 5
  • October 7
  • December 9