Child & Youth Programs

Child & Youth Programs


Breakfast for Learning

FCSS assisted to organize and facilitate two programs within the County in 2012. The purpose for the program is to ensure all children receive a healthy breakfast to start their day as well as receiving education on proper nutrition and an active healthy lifestyle. Staff also report that this program has been an essential way to connect and get to know children from our community. This program offers students healthy breakfast choices each morning before class commencement. FCSS staff provided daily support to the Lamont Elementary Breakfast Program from January to June 2012 by attending, preparing and providing daily breakfast to elementary students. We are also pleased to report the commencement of the Bruderheim School Breakfast Program. FCSS provided assistance to locate program funding and organize volunteers to get this much needed program up and running effective September 2012. These programs are provided in partnership with Breakfast for Learning Alberta and the Lamont and Area Food Hamper.


ROE Roots of Empathy

Roots of Empathy (ROE) is an evidence-based classroom program which has shown dramatic effect in reducing levels of aggression and violence among school children while raising social/emotional competence and increasing

The goals of the Roots of Empathy program are:

  • To foster the development of empathy
  • To develop emotional literacy
  • To reduce levels of bullying, aggression and violence, and promote children’s pro-social behaviours
  • To increase knowledge of human development, learning and infant safety.
  • To prepare students for responsible and responsive parenting.

The heart of the program is a neighbourhood infant and parent who visit the classroom every three weeks over the school year. With a certified ROE instructor, students are coached to observe the baby’s development, celebrate milestones, interact with the baby and learn about an infant’s needs and unique temperament. The ROE instructor also works with the class the week before and the week after each family visit to prepare and reinforce teachings using a specialized curriculum that is developmentally appropriate.


Babysitter’s Course

FCSS facilitates a Babysitter’s Safety Course using the Kidproof Canada curriculum… This program offers young babysitters a full day of information and education geared towards preparation for the roles and responsibilities of a great babysitter. This course is available to all communities and runs based upon interest.


True 2 You

True 2 You is a program for grades 5 & 6 girls. The program deals with self-esteem, self-care and making healthy choices. We give opportunities for the girls to try new foods, activities, and to deal with issues applicable to pre-teen girls who participate in a variety of sessions including: making edible face masks, talking about peer pressure, practicing hip hop, discussing how to ‘blow off steam’, career choices, nutritional information, saying “no” to drugs and learning self-defense moves from a Judo master! This program is offered once per year in Mundare and Lamont Elementary School as well as twice in the Town of Bruderheim. The main focus of this program is to build healthy self-esteem in young girls and encourage the development of a healthy self-image.



The goal of P.A.R.T.Y. Program is to provide young people with information about injury (trauma) that will enable them to: recognize potential injury producing situations, to make prevention-oriented choices and adopt behaviours that minimize unnecessary risk. By having Emergency Medical Services personnel, fire department members, members of the RCMP, emergency room nurses, and injury survivors immerse the students in a variety of scenarios and personal stories; we can effectively achieve this goal