Community Adult Learning Council (CALC)

Lamont County Community Adult Learning Council (CALC) programs make meaningful changes to people's lives. Many of our programs are designed to assist adults who are motivated to learn for the benefit of the family. We enhance confidence by providing tools and strategies to use during the learning journeys of their children and other family members.

Please visit the links below for information on our programming, registration, and resources for employment and lifelong learning.

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Upcoming Programs & Courses

***PLEASE NOTE*** From September until December, 2020, all CALC programming will be held online via Google Classrooms. We are unable to run the Fire Arm Safety program until in-person programming is permitted.

Cooking Online with Christy & Cheryl


My Journey..."Who Am I?"


Our Gratitude

We are grateful to Alberta Advanced Education for the grant funding provided to us each year. We are also extremely grateful for the unwavering support of our Legal Host, Lamont County.