Information & Referral

Information and Referral

One of the basic and most valued services provided by FCSS is information and referral. As we live in a rural community, many of the agencies and services required by community members are not located within the County. However, FCSS is present to offer assistance to access and liaise on behalf of individuals to meet their needs. Over 200 referrals are made each year. These referrals have included, but are not limited to family counseling, marriage counseling, child abuse advocacy, mental health services, farm aid, seniors’ services, food hamper acquisition and general information. Our ongoing mission is to connect people to the assistance they require to promote a healthy and strong self-sustaining community.

Addiction & Mental Health Social Housing Program Directory

This resource is a compilation of information collected from a variety of sources and with support from a variety of agencies in the Edmonton area. It includes information on shelters, housing first programs, transitional and interim housing, long-term independent and supported housing, assisted living and addiction treatment programs. 

Addiction & Mental Health Social Housing Program Directory

Food Bank

To Request a food hamper call 780-619-6955.

Please note: All requests must be made by 12 noon on Tuesday of each week. Food Hampers are available for pick up on Thursdays; a representative from the food bank will set up an exact pick-up time. Distribution is limited to one hamper per household per month.

Originally an FCSS initiative, this program has expanded and is now run by it's own volunteer board. In 2011 the program joined forces with the Lamont and Area Christmas Hamper to become the Lamont and Area Food Hamper providing county residents increased access to services and additional awareness. In 2012 additional support from local food drives in schools and local events increased the stability and sustainability of this program.

For more information visit the County of Lamont Food Bank Website.

Interagency Coordination

Interagency is a collaborative group that is made up of community members and local service providers. The purpose of the group is to exchange information and is based on the philosophy that many heads are better than one. During these meetings service representatives share information regarding programs and services as well as brainstorm with each other to create, distribute and maintain valued resources throughout the community. The meetings are open to anyone who would like to attend and new members are always welcome.

Community Counseling

Fort Saskatchewan: 1-866-992-6267

FCSS Lamont County Region provides individuals, couples and families confidential, professional counseling. This service made possible by a continuing partnership with Fort Saskatchewan FCSS and is available to any resident of Lamont County, including all urban municipalities. Counseling is provided for but is not limited to:

*Marriage/family conflicts
*Relationship issues
*Conflict Resolution
*Grief recovery

Fees are subsidized and based on a sliding fee scale according to gross household income.