Lamont County is comprised of several departments that tend to the various needs of its residents and landowners. You can navigate through the County services through the drop-down menu to learn more, or use the list below to find what you need.
  • Agricultural Services
    • View all agricultural programs, information on rural addressing, and Agricultural Service Board agendas, minutes, contests and awards
  • Communications
    • Read the annual Reeves Report, weekly inFocus newsletter and, learn about funds available for non-profit marketing.
  • Community Services
    • Discover a variety of community social supports and services available for families, children of all ages, adults & seniors
  • Economic Development
    • Focuses on maintaining Lamont County's Economic Development Brand, and selling Lamont County to interested agricultural and industrial industries.
  • Emergency Services
  • Enforcement Services
    • Learn about the County Peace Officer and Bylaw enforcement
  • Financial Services
    • Get information about County Finances, Taxes and Fees, and make Online Payments.
  • Planning and Development
    • Find all the information needed for development including: development permits, planning documents, safety codes, subdivisions, servicing standards and off-site levies
  • Public Works
    • Check out information on County water, roads, and maintenance programs