Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP)

 The Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, better known as FOIP, is Provincial Legislation that applies to all public bodies in Alberta, including Lamont County. See also: and

Making a FOIP Request

FOIP allows anyone to formally request access to any Lamont County record, so long as those records are not already publicly available through some other means. This formal process is called a FOIP request, and in Lamont County are managed through the FOIP Coordinator. Certain information (including exceptions to disclosure) is protected through the FOIP Act.

You can access many public body records without making a FOIP request. To determine whether you need to make a request under the Act, or if you need help completing the form, contact the FOIP Coordinator. See

There are two types of FOIP requests:

1. Personal Information Requests
– Occur when an individual requests access to personal information about themselves. Typical examples of personal information requests include a person requesting access to their own counselling records or records of employment with the County. Personal information requests do not require payment of the initial fee, however fees may be charged for photocopying large volumes of records.

2. General Information Requests – Occur when an individual or corporate entity request access to general information about something. Typical examples of general information requests include an insurance company requesting access to a fire investigation report, a member of the public requesting access to information related to a bylaw enforcement matter, or an interest group requesting access to information about expenditures. General information requests require the payment of an initial fee of $25, and in some cases, additional fees may be assessed.

Lamont County has 30 days to respond to FOIP requests. This time frame may be extended in certain circumstances.

If you would like to make a FOIP request, please fill out the FOIP Application Form and submit it by mail or in person to:

Lamont County
Administration Building
Attn: FOIP Coordinator
5303-50 Avenue
Lamont Alberta, T0B 2R0

Fees can be paid at the Lamont County Administration Building with cash, debit, credit card, or cheque payable to Lamont County. Mailed requests can be paid by cheque only; please do not mail cash.

Please note: If you are requesting records for another person, you must provide proof that you have authority to act for that person (e.g. Guardianship or trusteeship order, power of attorney).

If you have any questions or concerns about FOIP, please contact the FOIP Coordinator.