David Diduck

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Division 3: David Diduck, Reeve

David Diduck was elected to his first term on council in 2017 and was elected Reeve in 2018. At the October 26, 2021, Organizational Meeting he was re-elected Reeve for a one-year term. Reeve Diduck has been a resident of Lamont County for 55 years and has a passion for the rural way of life. Reeve Diduck is well-known by a broad base of Lamont County residents. His background in finance and accounting will ensure Lamont County follows a path towards fiscal responsibility and accountability.

Reeve Diduck is an ex-officio member of all committees of Council and is the Chair of all regular Council Meetings. Reeve Diduck is a member of the Agricultural Service Board, a member of the Lamont County Community Adult Learning Council, an alternate for the Lamont County Regional Library Board, currently Chair of the Alberta Industrial Heartland Association (rotating), a member of the St. Michael Regional Solid Waste Commission, an alternate for the Northern Lights Library Board, and a member of the Lamont County Regional Library Board. 

In addition to his council duties, Reeve Diduck is currently president of the Andrew Lions Club and is a board member of the Lamont Health Care Center. Reeve Diduck currently operates a mixed farm with his wife Reta, raising commercial cattle and grain. They have three children and three adorable granddaughters.

Contact Information

Phone: 780-914-9707
Email: david.d@lamontcounty.ca