Road Bans

road-ban-sign-300x217From time to time Lamont County Roads are restricted because of the road condition, maintenance, or seasonal conditions such as spring thaw. View the current weight restrictions, effective June 19, 2018, at 8:00 a..m. (effective until further notice).

Remember, driving overweight on soft spring roads creates ruts that are very expensive and time consuming to repair. Please consider your fellow rate payers and abide by the weight restriction by-laws. Be kind to your roads.

Road Use Agreements

A Road Use Agreement may be entered into for companies who will provide a Bond for the portion of road being used. For further information on Road Bans, please contact the Public Works Office at (780)-895-2547.

Overweight/Overdimensional Permits

Lamont County has centralized the overweight/overdimensional permits with Roadata Services Ltd.

Current Restrictions / Closures


Road Restrictions

(updated May 10, 2018)

The following roads have been closed, and are open to local traffic only:

  • Twp 560 between RR 195 and RR 200 
  • Twp 574 between RR 184 and RR 183 
  • RR 161 from Twp 582 to Twp 584
  • RR 163 from Twp 560 to Twp 562
  • RR 163 from Twp 562 to Twp 564
  • RR 163 from Twp 564 to Twp 565

Bridge Restrictions

(updated September 28, 2015)

Weight Restrictions:

  • BF1691 - Township Road 572 over Egg Creek near Andrew (SE 18-57-16-W4) – 3 tonne restriction
  • BF2461 - Range Road 180 over Limestone Creek near Andrew (NW 31-56-17-W4) – 20 tonne restriction
  • BF1282 - Township Road 534, Bridge over Beaverhill Creek, near Hilliard, SW 30-53-17-W4M – 10 tonne restriction


Bridge 6946 Range Road 184
Location: 1/2 mile North of Highway 15 on Range Road 184
*Due to collapse, closed indefinitely – bridge structure belongs to the Village of Chipman