Water Main Break (St. Michael)

IMPORTANT: There is a water main break at the St. Michael water system. WATER is now SHUT OFF. Residents impacted should take steps to conserve water immediately. Repairs are in progress, but there is no estimated time for completion at this time. There will likely be a boil advisory at that time. Thank you for your patience as this is fixed.


Electrical Power

Atco Electric and Fortis Alberta serve the County’s rural areas for electricity distribution.

  • Atco Electric Call Centre: 1-800-668-2248
  • Fortis Alberta Customer Enquiries: 1-855-333-9473

Rural residents also have the option of joining the Battle River Power Coop, Lakeland REA or Zawale REA Ltd. for power distribution.

Natural Gas

Atco Gas serves a small section of Lamont County. Their toll free number for enquiries is 310-5678.

Lamco Gas Co-op Ltd. serves other rural areas in the County. Lamco Gas office is located off Highway 15, just outside the Town of Lamont – 24 hr. number is 780-895-2244.

Utilities Consumer Advocate

Visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate website to compare electricity and gas prices in your area, view historical rates, or get help resolving energy utility related issues.

http://ucahelps.alberta.ca (Utilities Consumer Advocate website)
http://ucahelps.alberta.ca/cost-comparison-tool.aspx (prices)
http://ucahelps.alberta.ca/historic-rates.aspx (rates)
http://ucahelps.alberta.ca/contact-a-mediation-officer.aspx (issues)


The County is served by Telus. For home service call 780-310-7353, for business service call 780-310-3100.

Telephone Calling: Several anomalies exist in the County’s telephone infrastructure. Calls from the Lamont area to Fort Saskatchewan, City of Edmonton and surrounding areas are toll free. Calls from the Town of Bruderheim to these locations are also toll free. However, long distance rates apply for calls between the Lamont and Bruderheim exchanges. Mundare is long distance from Lamont; Andrew, Chipman and St. Michael are local.

Water Supply

The John S. Batiuk Regional Water Commission owns and operates a potable water line running from Fort Saskatchewan through to Vegreville, adjacent to Highway 15. Each Town and Village in Lamont County hooks into this transmission line, then owns and operates their respective distribution system within their boundaries.

Lamont County owns and operates a distribution line that runs into the Industrial Heartland servicing Cenovus and JFSL. Lamont County also operates the distribution system in the Hamlet of St. Michael. 

Potable truck fill stations are located in the Hamlet of Hilliard and at the Heartland Reservoir on Hwy 15. In addition, Lamont County operates one non-potable water fill station located a 1/2 mile south of TWP 580 on RR 184.


  • Hilliard Truck Fill (#75, 540073 RR 175)
  • Heartland Reservoir Truck Fill (#2, 202026 Hwy 15)

Residents can register for an account online at https://lamont.azurewebsites.net/.

Water Rates (Effective January 1, 2024 - Fees and Charges Bylaw)*

  • Industrial Water – Metered - $2.58/m3 (existing services) $2.70/m3 plus line fee (new services)
  • Village of Andrew – Metered Water - $2.40/m3
  • Industrial Monthly Line Fee - $441.79/month
  • Commercial – Metered - $2.58/m3
  • Industrial and Commercial directly connected to John S. Batiuk Water Line - $4.20/m3
  • St. Michael Residences/Home Business–Non-metered - $180.18/quarter
  • St. Michael Community Hall/Hotel–Non-metered - $330.33/quarter
  • Reconnection Fee - $50.00
  • Hilliard Truck Fill - $4.50/m3
  • Heartland Truck Fill - $4.20/m3
  • St. Michael Truck Fill Key Account Set Up Fee (Refundable Water Key Deposit) - $50.00
  • St. Michael Truck Fill - $2.89/m3
  • Replacement Water Keys - $40.00 each

* Late penalty charge for overdue utility accounts (levied monthly balance) - 1.5%

Garbage Removal

It is the resident’s responsibility to arrange their garbage removal. Companies offering collection services include: