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NEWS RELEASE – Lamont County Council Organizational Meeting (Oct. 17, 2022)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Lamont County Council Organizational Meeting (Oct. 17, 2022)

October 19, 2022 – LAMONT, AB: Lamont County Council completed its annual organizational meeting on October 17. The following are meeting highlights:

Council Organizational Meeting (AGENDA):

  1. Council elected its Reeve for 2022-23 (one-year term). Reeve David Diduck continues in this role – CARRIED.
    Reeve Diduck: “There are lots of good things happening in Lamont County, as well as a few challenges to deal with. I look forward to working together with Council to work through these in the next year and continue the progress we have made.”
  2. Council elected Neil Woitas to commence his term as Deputy Reeve for 2022-23.
    Deputy Reeve Woitas: “I see this as a position of growth and am excited at the learning opportunity as I take on this role. With my background, I look forward to the five of us working together to make things happen for Lamont County.”
    Councillor Anaka: “Thanks for the opportunity (four years as Deputy Reeve) and good luck to Neil (Woitas) in the Deputy Reeve position.”
  3. Council set up its annual council meeting schedule for 2022-23 (enclosure).
  4. Council completed its routine resolutions for 2022-23 (meetings location, signing authority, financial institution, assessor, and auditor designations).
  5. Council designated Deputy Reeve Neil Woitas as Chair of Agricultural Service Board, Councillor Daniel Warawa as Centennial Scholarship committee member, Deputy Reeve Neil Woitas as FCSS Board Member and Regional Emergency Advisory Committee member. Intermunicipal Collaboration Committee (ICC) and Intermunicipal Planning Commission (IPC) representation remains as presented.
  6. Council reviewed and confirmed its committee appointments (enclosure).
  7. Following the meeting, Council completed its annual road tour (with Public Works, Agricultural Services and leadership) to review specific initiatives and areas of focus across County divisions – looking at recently installed culverts, road repairs, as well as agriculture and public works initiatives and projects planned for the coming year.

The public and media are invited to attend council and committee meetings in Council Chambers or virtually through Microsoft Teams (link available on the Lamont County website). Be advised that all meetings are recorded. Lamont County continues to follow public health recommendations and provincial mandates related to the COVID-19 pandemic—masks are an individual discretion.

Please note: the information above is considered unofficial content; official meeting minutes are posted on the Lamont County website once approved and signed off (after presentation for approval at the next council meeting). Additional content may be available in the approved meeting agendas.

Next Council Meeting: November 7, 2022.


[Enclosure: Council meeting dates for 2022-23, Council designated board and committee membership, approved board and committee public members]

Media inquiries can be directed to:

Jay Zaal
Communications Coordinator
780-895-2233 Ext. 222


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