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Living in the country can be a wonderful experience. The unique landscape and diverse natural elements of Lamont County are what makes it such an attractive place to live.

There are real benefits to living in the country, but it is important to understand the challenges you may have not thought about.

The sheer size of Lamont County prevents it from offering the same level of service as our urban neighbours. Many services provided in the villages, towns and cities such as water, sewer, garbage removal and roads need special consideration in rural areas.

Aspects to consider:

Gravel roads are maintained and repaired as timely as possible, but prepare for times when travel on gravel roads becomes difficult. Winter snow fall can sometimes make it virtually impossible to travel, rains can cause gravel roads to become slippery, and they can develop washboards. A 4×4 vehicle is strongly recommended for those times when traveling on gravel roads becomes difficult and remember to give yourself ample time to travel during unfavourable weather. Also regular travel on gravel roads may result in increased vehicle maintenances costs.

Utilities like electricity, natural gas, propane, cable/satellite and telephone services are all provided by private companies and service calls may take longer than in urban areas. MCS Net and Xplore Inc. provide high speed wireless internet service to many areas in the county. However there are places that still depend on dial-up connections for internet service.

Most rural homesteads do not have access to treated potable water. Ground water wells or water cistern systems are typically used to provide rural residents with water. Contact your local PFRA office or Alberta Environment or a water well drilling company for additional information.

Sewage disposal is also something rural landowners must provide for themselves. Check the Alberta Private Sewage Systems Standards of Practice for sewage system guidelines (Safety Codes Council).

Whether you are in a hamlet, on an acreage, or living on a farm, you are responsible for properly disposing of your refuse. It is illegal to create your own trash dump, even on your own land. Garbage attracts problem wildlife and insects, and poses a threat to neighboring livestock. Lamont County does have a regional landfill located on NW 7-56-18-W4. Visit the St. Michael Landfill website for more information.

If you purchase property that has an existing dwelling or farmstead, have the water and sewage systems inspected by a professional.

Although there is rural route mail delivery in some locations, it may not be available to all rural residents. Ask Canada Post to explain the mail system in your area. A post office Box from your nearest Canada Post office may be required.