Community Adult Learning Council (CALC)

Please watch the back page of the Lamont Leader (inFocus) for upcoming programs and courses.

Funding Support

Programs and services are made possible through funding from the Government of Alberta and Lamont County together with strong community financial and in-kind support.

Board Members


  • Chairperson: Debby Gargus
  • 1st Vice Chairperson: Lillian Sabo
  • 2nd Vice Chairperson: Pastor Ron Wurtz


  • Lamont County: Councilor David Diduck (Alternate: Councilor Neil Woitas)
  • Town of Bruderheim: Pat Lee
  • FCSS Lamont County Region: Sara Rindero
  • Chipman Area Rep: Susan Campbell
  • Lamont Alliance Church: Pastor Ron Wurtz
  • Rural Lamont County: Betty Sheptycki
  • Lamont Member at Large: Linda Mills
  • Town of Mundare: Cheryl Calinoiu (Alternate: Jason Kowal)
  • Mundare Member at Large: Debby Gargus
  • Hilliard Area Member at Large: Lillian Sabo
  • Andrew Area Member at Large: Betty Farris


  • Director: Debbie Holland
  • Administrative Assistant: Cheryl Best

Our Gratitude

We are grateful to Alberta Advanced Education for the grant funding provided to us each year. We are also extremely grateful for the unwavering support of our Legal Host, Lamont County.  

We have always been able to count on the municipalities who provide either financial or in-kind support to CALC. Special thanks go out to Town of Bruderheim, Bruderheim Moravian Church, Enbridge Inc, Town of Lamont FCSS, Lamont Catering Club, Lamont Alliance Church, Lamont County Food Bank and Alberta Health Services for their continuing generous support of our programs.