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State of Agricultural Disaster Declared

On June 10, 2020, during a Special Meeting of Council, a State of Agricultural Disaster was declared for Lamont County.

The declaration was made to raise awareness with senior levels of government of the critical situation in Lamont County caused by a late spring thaw combined with excessive spring rains within a short time frame.

The significant rainfall received has resulted in severe overland flooding and wet fields. Many farmers have been unable to finish seeding due to extremely wet conditions, and it is anticipated that large amounts of acres will go unseeded this season due to the time of year. A survey of farmers conducted by Lamont County’s Agricultural Fieldman estimates a 20-25% loss of already seeded acres.

Lamont County farmers have been challenged with wet spring and fall farm operating conditions for the past four years. This year’s loss, combined with the inability of some farmers to remove crops remaining from the 2019 fall harvest, is anticipated to compound financial hardships for many farmers.

Lamont County Reeve, David Diduck, states that, “our agricultural community is very important to Lamont County; their health and financial success is key to the overall health and financial success of the County.” By declaring an Agricultural Disaster, producers will be able to participate in any programs that the provincial or federal governments may put in place in the future to provide aid. Lamont County will continue to be in contact with both the Provincial and Federal Governments on issues affecting the Agricultural Industry.