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Right-of-Way Hay Permit Applications

Lamont County Agricultural Services is reminding anyone with intent to cut hay along any Lamont County right-of-way, that they must first apply and receive approval for a permit (at no charge) from the County.

Priority will be given to applications received from landowners before June 1 for the purpose of cutting hay along the County right-of-way adjacent to their land. All other applications will be received up to June 10 on a first-come, first-served priority basis. 

PLEASE NOTE: As per Policy 6054, permits are valid from July 1 - August 1, and hay must be removed from County rights-of-way within 7 days of cutting or County Administration may invalidate the permit.

Applications are taken no later than June 10, 2021.

Download the application and return to the Agricultural Services department before June 10 via email to ASB@lamontcounty.ca, Fax 780-895-2892, or call 780-895-2585 to make arrangements for in-person service.

Please contact the Agricultural Services department at 780-895-2585 with any questions.