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Reminder! Don't Push Snow Across the Roadway!

Please remember, as you are clearing your approach from snow fall, Do NOT push the snow across the county road.

The movement of snow across a roadway can often leave ridges, ruts or piles of snow that become dangerous and could cause damage to the motoring public; you, the landowner, could be held liable.

Improper disposal of snow etc. is restricted under two separate Lamont County Bylaws: Road Use Bylaw #738.13 and Waste Disposal Bylaw #744.14, for a minimum combined fine of $600 for the first offence.

When plowing out your own driveway or having a private contractor plow, the snow MUST be pushed back onto the resident’s property or to the right side of the approach and must be pushed away from the driving lanes, NOT across the road into the opposite ditch. This allows the grader operator to lessen the amount of snow left at driveway entrances.

Thank you for cooperation in helping to maintain safe roads for our residents!