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Pricing Transparency Mapping Project

The Farmers Advocate Office is collecting surface lease, transmission line, siesmic, and pipeline right of way agreements from landowners, in order to create interactive maps with information on projects and compensation values paid to landowners.

On completion, these maps will better enable landowners to understand what is fair and typical compensation for their area of the province, for specific projects.

The maps will be launched in the Fall 2015 and be updated on a continual basis as agreements are received.

To help assist in this project, please send any pipeline, siesmic or right of way agreements, that are no older than 2011, and surface lease and transmission line agreements no older than 2010, to:

Farmers Advocate Office
Attn: Jeana Les
J.G. O’Donoghue Building
305, 7000 – 113 Street
Edmonton, Alberta, T6H 5T6



For more information visit www.farmersadvocate.gov.ab.ca