Fire Restriction in Effect (May 9)

A FIRE RESTRICTION is issued for Lamont County effective May 9, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. This restriction is due to continued dry conditions, lack of precipitation, and increased wind speeds.

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Presenting: Dreams and Destinies

Babas and Borshch Ukrainian Festival
Babas and Borshch Ukrainian Festival

In partnership with this year's virtual Babas and Borshch, Lamont County is pleased to be hosting the digital copy of Dreams and Destinies. Below, you can read a bit about what the book entails. 

We're especially happy to launch the digital version of the Andrew and area history book, Dreams and Destinies written in 1980. It's been out-of-print since it sold out decades ago and a couple generations of people have never seen a copy. Besides being a comprehensive history of the area, it includes all the family stories that were submitted at the time. Huge gratitude to the Andrew Historical Society for placing the book into the public domain and to Radomir Bilash for doing the digital transformation. You'll be awed by the ability to search for any topic that interests you. If you watch the Lillian Semeniuk and Radomir Bilash videos, you'll know everything!!