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Patience Reminder

Lamont County, as a reminder, please be patient with our staff as they work on roads, worksites and at the Administration and Public Works/ASB buildings. At NO time will violence or abuse towards staff (verbal, physical or written) be tolerated or acceptable.

Our staff are doing their best to work as efficiently and effectively as possible, please be patient, courteous and respectful—we know there are times where you may be frustrated or in challenging circumstances, and we are working to help you the best we can.

If you have questions, issues or need clarifications, please send us an email at servicerequests@lamontcounty.ca or www.lamontcounty.ca/service-requests; or call us at 780-895-2233 or www.lamontcounty.ca/departments/contact. You may also contact any County Councillor with specific concerns or issues.