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Notice - Land Use Bylaw Changes

Please be advised that during the Council meeting of December 13, 2016, the Land Use Bylaw 765.07, Section 6.2, Natural Resource Extraction was amended.

The change will allow any producer to apply for hauling privileges from any extraction operation (that has a valid development permit and Road Use Agreement in place) to meet project-specific delivery requirements seven days a week between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

These requests will need to be approved by the Planning and Development Department, and coordinated with Public Works and the Peace Officer through the Road Use Agreement.

The Road Use Authority may at any time advise an operator that their approval is halted because of road conditions, bad weather, weight bans, etc.

The Road Use Authority may suspend/cancel these extended haul approvals at any time due to abuse by the operator; these actions will need to be coordinated with the Planning and Development Department.

Any questions about the Land Use Bylaw changes should be directed to the Planning and Development Department.