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NEWS RELEASE - Canadian History for Lamont County Firefighter’s 70+ Years of Service

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Canadian History for Lamont County Firefighter’s 70+ Years of Service

April 6, 2022 – LAMONT, AB:

A milestone achievement was made earlier this month in Lamont County, with firefighter Bob Mitchell completing over 25,773 days of service (approximately 70.5 years), surpassing Walter Thomas of Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department to become the longest serving firefighter in Canadian history!

“This is an amazing achievement. We owe Bob a debt of gratitude for what has, quite literally, been a lifetime of public service to the Town of Lamont, Lamont County, and surrounding areas,” said Shayne Milken, Regional Fire Chief with Lamont County. “Bob remains active within the Lamont fire station to this day, and still attends nearly every weekly training night.”

As one of the founding members of Lamont Fire Department, Mitchell is one of the founding members of the department, joined on September 1, 1951. His involvement dates back as long as the history of the department itself.

When asked about what this means and why he continues to serve: “the biggest reason is the fellows on the department, and their camaraderie,” said Mitchell.

This is an amazing dedication towards fire and emergency services and keeping Lamont County residents and visitors safe.

Those interested in making a difference in their community can apply to be a regional or junior firefighter via the Lamont County website:


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