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NEWS RELEASE – Babas and Borshch Festival Paused for 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Babas and Borshch Festival Paused for 2023

April 17, 2023 – LAMONT, AB: The Babas and Borshch festival has been a part of Lamont County for over 10 years as advised and managed by the Babas and Borshch Ukrainian Festival Society. It celebrates more than 130 years’ of history and Ukrainian settlement in Alberta and is part of the recognition of our region as the Cradle of Ukrainian Settlement in Canada.

As premiere sponsor, Lamont County Council is issuing the following advisory for the 2023 Babas & Borshch Festival, taking a pause in 2023.

After last year’s successful celebration of the 130th year of Ukraine settlement in Alberta, we continue to hope for an end to the war in Ukraine. Part of this pause is to revisit the potential for a coordination of the festival in partnership and the establishment of a Lamont County Ukrainian Heritage Committee (planned to be reviewed and discussed in 2023-24), direction from the Babas and Borshch Ukrainian Festival Society, and continued work with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Alberta Provincial Chapter (UCC-APC); but most important, we recognize celebration can be difficult during wartime and the need for a festival pause.

“We look forward to celebrating Lamont County’s rich Ukrainian history when the festival resumes in (hopefully) 2024,” said Lamont County Reeve, David Diduck. “The festival is a great way to showcase Ukrainian history in our County, as well as to celebrate the achievements of the Ukrainian Community in Canada.” 

The UCC-APC has confirmed Ukrainian Day celebrations will continue in 2023 at Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village to commemorate this annually. We encourage everyone to attend and reflect on everything Ukrainian in Canada.

Media will be invited to the kick-off event (in 2024) once dates and location are announced as planned.





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