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NEWS RELEASE - Appreciation; Important for Lamont County and for Its Farmers (June 16)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Appreciation; Important for Lamont County and for Its Farmers (June 16)

June 17, 2022 – LAMONT, AB: As part of Lamont County’s annual recognition of farmers, the appreciation event hosted by Lamont County Agricultural Service Board returned to an in-person celebration on June 16. A crowd of over 165 attended the Farmer’s Appreciation dinner and dance to highlight the importance of farmers to the region.

This event returned this year after COVID restrictions moved the celebrations online in 2020 and 2021.

A fantastic Ukrainian meal and entertainment from the Sparkling Tones highlighted the annual gathering.

“The appreciation was great! Good food and entertainment,” said Elly Cholak, a farmer from Lamont County. “This event should be carried forward, as after the two years of Covid and the drought from the last couple of years, it’s important to have an event that allows farmers to get out and support each other.”

It was also an opportunity to visit with area farmers and show appreciation. Lamont County Reeve, David Diduck, was Master of Ceremonies, and Agricultural Service Board Chair (and County Councillor) Neil Woitas provided Grace for the dinner.

“It was very good to see farmers in-person to share our appreciation this year,” said Lamont County Reeve David Diduck. “The challenges of the pandemic made it more difficult to host live events that recognize the importance of agriculture, agri-business including farming to the County and our province.”

A lot of hard work is put in by Lamont County farmers and agriculture-related businesses across the region. Fun was had by all at this event.

“We owe farmers our gratitude all year-round,” said Terry Eleniak, Lamont County’s Agricultural Fieldman. “Agriculture plays an important role in our municipality, and it can be a challenging career path. Thank you, farmers, for everything you do!”


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Photo #1 – Left to Right: Mike Sydora (guitar), Irene Pankiw (aka: Irene Chamzuk “Queen of the Dalcimer”; many know her from the Ukrainian hour on CFCW), Marshall Pankiw, Steven Pankiw (grandson) and Dwayne Pankiw. Sparkling Tones are a family band. Dwayne and Irene are husband and wife, and Steven is their 13-year-old son.

Photo #2 – Farmers participate in the June 16 appreciation dinner as presented by Lamont County’s Agricultural Service Board.

Photo #3 – Attendees at Lamont County’s Agricultural Service Board’s Farmer’s Appreciation Dinner on June 16.

Photo #4 – The dance floor was full right till the end at Lamont County’s Farmer’s Appreciation Dinner.