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Fire Restriction In Effect - October 13

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FIRE RESTRICTION is issued for Lamont County effective October 13, 2023. This restriction is an update from the previous fire ban.

This FIRE RESTRICTION is in effect for all Lamont County rural areas, including Hamlets.  

A Fire Restriction:  

  1. PROHIBITS any/all uncontained burning activities (open-air burning), including the issuance of fire permits, the discharge of fireworks and the use of exploding targets; 
  2. RESCINDS all previously approved fire permits and fireworks discharge permits;  

  3. ALLOWS safe fires in burning barrels provided they are equipped with metal mesh screens, located on a non-combustible surface a minimum of 3 meters from any combustible material including buildings;  
  4. ALLOWS fire pits contained by non-combustible material with a metal mesh screen, as well as charcoal briquette barbecues, propane/gas barbecue, and propane/gas fire pits. All fire pits must be supervised and extinguished before leaving unattended.  

Please take care with all other activities around your property that could produce a fire hazard such as riding All-Terrain Vehicles and cutting tall grass. 

This FIRE RESTRICTION will continue until further notice. Fire Restrictions can escalate into Fire Bans with little notice and, therefore, please check this site frequently for updates.  
If you have any questions, please contact the Lamont County (Acting) Regional Fire Chief at (780) 895-2233, ext. 242.