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Clubroot Management Tips

Clubroot has been found in many areas across Alberta. The following steps should be taken immediately to minimize risk to your farm.

If clubroot has not been found in your community that does not mean it is not present. A buildup of clubroot spores eventually leads to visual simptoms, yield loss, and reduces the durability of variety resistance.

These five management tips will help prevent spore build up and help maintain the durability of resistant varieties:

1. Grow clubroot resistant varieties. If clubroot is present in your community, then use these in a rotation interval of at least 3 years to prolong resistance durability.
2. Follow a crop rotation with at least a 3 year interval of canola crops to reduce pressure from clubroot and other canola diseases and pests.
3. Control volunteer canola in all crops
4. Minimize soil movement between fields via equipment.
5. Reduce tillage and reduce soil disturbance to minimize soil movement caused by wind and water.

Preventing the introduction of clubroot is critical; once it is established, management is limited. 

Please visit www.albertacanola.com/clubroot to access a variety of resources to help you implement a clubroot management plan.

For more information, please feel free to contact:

Dan Orchard
Agronomist & Clubroot Lead
Canola Council of Canada
(780) 777-9923