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Avian Flu - Advisory

Lamont County is monitoring the Avian Influenza (bird flu) epidemic across the province, as there are nearby wildfowl and domestic (poultry) sites recently testing positive for H5N1. Currently there are no domestic cases identified within the county.

This virus does not generally affect humans, but this pathogen can significantly harm aviary. If you suspect your domestic birds may be exposed to bird flu, contact a veterinarian for assessment. More information can be found at:

You can also send related avian photos to Alberta Fish and Wildlife or Lamont County Agricultural Services.  

IMPORTANT: If you suspect avian flu in dead birds, please take all necessary precautions to dispose (wear gloves, double bag and disposal in normal garbage practices). Do not visit farming operations if exposed or handling. Contact Alberta Fish & Wildlife if you want to provide a carcass to them (prior to handling), but in most cases, safe disposal is recommended...you can take photos or video to share with Agricultural Services and Fish and Wildlife.