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2019 Insect Survey Results Summary

The following are the summary results of the insect surveys conducted through out Lamont County during 2019. For more information download the full report, or contact Lamont County Agricultural Services. For help on interpreting the results and how they relate to your agricultural operation, please contact the ASB office at 780-895-2585.
  • New midge in canola: Two fields surveyed; no flower bud damage caused by the insect
  • Bertha army worm: Six sites surveyed with no locations above the first warning level of 300 moths; however, there are hints of a build-up in the population, and trapping will continue to be very important to watch for possible outbreaks in the future.
  • Wheat midge: Five locations surveyed with increases in three of the five locations. One field had a high level of midge larvae, and adjacent fields should be closely monitored in 2020. Producers and agronomists should monitor fields in 2020.
  • Pea leaf weevil: Damage increased in the survey conducted in late May – early June. This insect needs to be watched closely in 2020 to determine if insecticide seed treatment will be needed in future years.
  • Cabbage seedpod weevil: Six fields surveyed with only one weevil found at one location.
  • Diamondback moth - Catches in the traps were very low.