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2017 Clubroot Survey Map & Updated Policy

 At the October 3, 2017, Agricultural Services Board meeting, the Agricultural Services department presented the Board with the results of the 2017 clubroot survey. The map below pictures all locations surveyed, as positive or negative for clubroot. Please be aware that if you live in an area that has been tested as negative, or if you yourself have been tested as negative for clubroot, you are NOT guaranteed to be free of clubroot. It is imperative that you continue to practice clubroot protocols in order to restrict its spread.

During the meeting, the ASB also approved amendments to Policy 6056, Control of Clubroot Disease in Canola. The amendments extend the amount of time required before reseeding in canola (a clubroot resistant variety) to four years, as well as outlining the proper sanitation procedures to be followed by land owners. In addition, adjacent land owners will now be informed of an infestation within a one mile radius. 

If you have any questions on what this entails, or questions on clubroot in the County, please contact the Agricultural Services Department at 780-895-2585.