Alberta Health Services Lamont

Lamont Public Health and Rehabilitation Services

Lamont, Alberta Canada
Phone Number:
(780) 895-2211
Services include early intervention, Speech and Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy Services. Providing services to all children of Lamont County we also provide information regarding developmental milestones, assessment and therapy services to children experiencing delays in development and information sessions/presentations.

Lamont Hospital      780-895-2211

Lamont Community Health Centre      780-895-5817

Christine Danyluk

Mental Health Liason Nurse
Description: Christine is available to provide a variety of services and resources regarding mental health. She is available to provide counselling, information sessions, school presentations and much more.

Carol Lynn Babiuk      780-632-3331
Health Promotion Facilitator
Fax: 780-632-4334

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