Development Permits Issued - Discretionary Use

Posted on Thursday March 24, 2016 at 08:42AM

Take notice that the following permits for proposed development as described below have been issued in accordance with the Lamont County Land Use Bylaw No. 675/07.

Appeal by April 11, 2016 

1. Legal Description: NE 10-56-20-W4
Land Use: Heartland Industrial District (HI)
Proposal: Temporary Staging Yard for duration of nearby pipeline project within the NE 10-56-20-W4.
Permit No.: DP 006/16

2. Legal Description: Plan 1620717, Lot 4, Block 1 (in N 2-53-19-W4)
Land Use: Agricultural District (A)
Proposal: Variance to setbacks from the rear property line for the construction of a 3,002 sq. ft. home on a basement with two attached garages plus a deck.
Permit No.: DP 012/16

3. Legal Description: Pt. SW & NW 25-55-20-W4
Land Use: Heartland Industrial District (HI)
Proposal: Stripping & Grading (only) in preparation for the construction of rail.
Permit No.: DP 073/15

For more information please visit the Planning & Development Notices page.

Author: Lamont County


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