Safe Driving On County Roads

Posted on Friday September 05, 2014 at 09:33AM

With harvest season upon us, it is important to remember to be extra vigilant when driving on county roads. Watch out for increased farming traffic such as combines, swathers, grain trucks and other harvesting equipment, some of which can take up the entire road. Be patient when encountering slow-moving vehicles, please slow down and travel with caution. harvest_driving.


Alberta’s department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s safety tips for producers using public roads include:
  • Proper maintenance on equipment, especially tires and brakes
  • Ensure equipment is clearly visible, with appropriate lighting and signage
  • Plan the route – watch out for narrow roads, bridges and low utility lines
  • Have experienced, and licensed operators.

It is also the time of year when wildlife is increasingly on the move in the county as they prepare for winter. Please watch for wildlife activity, especially near dusk and dawn when visibility is low.

To reduce collisions with wildlife:
  • Scan the road and ditches ahead for animals, especially when travelling at dawn or dusk
  • Slow down in a curve, when reaching the crest of a hill or in wildlife populated areas
  • Watch for the shining eyes or silhouette of an animal at night and use high beams
  • Improve visibility by keeping the vehicle’s windshield and headlights clean
  • Keep in mind that lights from oncoming traffic at night can make it difficult to see an animal on the road
  • Slow down if an animal is on or near the road and be prepared to stop, as their behaviour is unpredictable – an animal that has crossed the road can turn back in the vehicle’s path
  • Look for more than one animal – some travel in groups
  • Brake firmly if an animal is in the vehicle’s path, and do not swerve to avoid it
  • Honk in a series of short bursts to chase animals away
  • Watch for wildlife warning signs, use extra caution and slow down in areas where animal crossing signs are posted

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