Development Permits Issued - Discretionary Use

Posted on Thursday September 12, 2019 at 01:34PM

Take notice that the following permits for proposed development as described below have been issued in accordance with the Lamont County Land Use Bylaw No. 675/07: 

Appeal by Oct 10th, 2019

1. Legal Description: NE 31-56-15-W4
Land Use: Agricultural (A)
Proposal: For one Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizer tank (42000uswg) for storage
Permit No.: DP 032/19

2. Legal Description: SE 9-57-20-W4
Land Use: Agricultural (A)
Proposal: For topsoil stripping and grading of approximately 15.5ha area to facilitate equipment storage/laydown yard plus repair and maintenance
Permit No.: DP 034/19

3. Legal Description: SE & SW 34-55-20-W4
Land Use: Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Heavy Industrial (HHI)
Proposal: For modifications to existing ladder track located in the manifest (former sodium chlorite facility) area to increase storage capacity
Permit No.: DP 039/19

For additional information please visit the Planning & Development Notices page.

Author: Lamont County


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