Road Construction

RR202_upgrade3-300x206 Lamont County considers road rehabilitation and construction to be an important part of our growth. We attempt to build as many miles in a year that the weather conditions will allow. We build approximately 6 miles of road and 4 shoulder pulls per year. The 5- year plan is updated yearly to meet the priorities and budget requirements.

Please be patient and slow down through County construction zones.

Compensation for Construction

See Policy #5103.


Approaches are located within the road right of way and are under the direction, control and management of Lamont County. Therefore the County retains full discretion over the installation and/or removal of approaches. All new approaches must meet the approved standards. If the property owner wishes to build an approach or have Lamont County build an approach, fill out the approach form and submit to Public Works for approval. Costs are associated with the building of the second approach per parcel.

For additional information view Policy #5106.

Oil companies must make a formal request in writing outlining the placement of the driveway.


Road Graveling


Currently roads are re-graveled on an approximate 5-year rotation basis with 225 – 250 miles re-graveled each year. Roads are also graveled on an as needed basis. The County owns its own trucks and completes the entire road graveling program in house.

Private Gravel Sale

Lamont County opens the municipal gravel pit during a two-week period (weather permitting) in July/August to allow rural residents to purchase gravel from the County. Ratepayers are allowed a maximum of 30 tonnes per ratepayer residence (maximum of one residence) of gravel per calendar year. The price of gravel is currently set at $15.00 + GST per tonne. Each ratepayer is responsible for their own trucking. Lamont County does not provide trucking of gravel. For more information regarding when the pits become open to the public, contact the Public Works office at 780-895-2547. For more information on the sale of crushed gravel, view Policy #5102.

Winter Stockpiling

To minimize damage to the gravel roads in the summer Lamont County has stockpiled gravel at each grader shop site as required. The County utilizes private contractors for the gravel haul to each stock pile. For additional information view Policy #5120.

Gravel Crushing

Lamont County contracts its crushing requirements annually. The County crushes approximately 80,000 – 100,000 tonnes per year. If you are interested in contracting your crushing service with Lamont County please contact our office at 780-895-2547 for more information.

Pit Reclamation

Lamont County does all of its own gravel pit stripping and reclamation work. This work is usually carried out at the end of the year before freeze up.



Road flooding concerns can be directed to the Director of Public Works at 780-895-2547.

New Culverts

Request for Culvert Installation Policy

Used Culverts

culvert-300x225Rural residents may purchase used culverts from the Public Works yard for approximately half the price of a new culvert. The inventory of used culverts changes frequently and the culverts are sold on a first come first serve basis. To inquire about or view the used culverts available for purchase, contact Public Works at 780-895-2547.