Planning & Development

During this time please be advised that if you require a development permit, or are planning on subdividing, all the applications are on Lamont County’s website on the Development Permit and Subdivisions pages. Please submit the applications via email, mail or the drop slot at the main office.

Payments can be made through the Online Payments page. *Please Note* There will be a 3% charge added to credit card payments. Payments can also be made by cheque through mail or deposited in the drop slot at the main office.

If you need to contact someone in the Planning Department, please call/email our direct lines at:
  • Victoria (Development Officer) - Phone: 780-895-2233 ext. 218 or Email:
  • Tina (Senior Planning and Development Officer) - Phone: 780-895-2233 ext. 230 or Email:
As we are working from home it is extremely important that when you phone in, please leave a detailed message, as this message will then be forwarded to the individuals above.

Please note that no permits will be issued until payment is made in full.

If you are in need of any Safety Code Permits, they are also on the website, and are sent directly to Superior Safety Codes.

Lamont County Planning & Development Department coordinates and manages orderly land development in the County in accordance with the County’s Land Use Bylaw, Municipal Development Plan, and Area Structure Plan. Key services include information on zoning, subdividing land, developing land including the development permit process, compliance certificates, statutory plans, and appeal processes.

Development Authority

The Development Authority for Lamont County consists of the Development Authority Officer(s) appointed by Council and can also be the MPC. The Development Authority is responsible for receiving, reviewing, processing, and eventually approving or denying applications for development using the criteria set forth in the Land Use Bylaw and the Municipal Development Plan.

Subdivision Authority

The Subdivision Authority is responsible for receiving, reviewing, processing, and eventually approving or denying applications for subdividing land using the criteria set forth in the Land Use Bylaw and the Municipal Development Plan. As of January 1, 2016, the Director or Acting Director of Planning & Community Services for Lamont County is the Subdivision Authority.

Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)

The MPC is the review body for subdivision applications and development permit applications considered to be ‘discretionary’. The MPC reviews and considers applications and makes recommendations to the appropriate authority.

Intermunicipal Subdivision & Development Appeal Board (ISDAB)

The ISDAB is made up of 12 members appointed from the public-at-large. The ISDAB hears appeals from any person affected by an order, development permit, or subdivision decision. Approval of a subdivision is sometimes granted with specific conditions attached. The SDAB may also uphold, overturn or modify any or all of these conditions.

Economic Development & Alberta’s Industrial Heartland

Economic Development Department is responsible for strengthening the community through innovative business attraction, retention and industrial and residential strategies. It maintains current economic development information from regional, provincial, national and international sources and respond to information requests from the general public, business, and industrial community including Alberta’s Industrial Heartland of which approximately 200 square kilometers are within Lamont County.

Director of Planning & Community Services, Alan Grayston


Alan has over 25 years of experience in management, legislation, and planning and development. He has extensive municipal experience and works to enhance the County’s brand across the province with governments, industries and stakeholders. During his career, he has been employed with municipal governments, provincial government/agencies and with private industry. Prior to taking on the role of Director, Alan worked for the provincial government in a management role, responsible for land development legislation and regional/ inter-municipal planning. Alan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Urban and Regional Studies from the University of Alberta.
Contact Information:
Phone: 780-895-2233 ext. 213