Lamont County 2030

Shape the Future of Lamont County

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our Strategic Planning events! Download and read the Community Report created as a result of consultations with residents and stakeholders, or download the list of Individual Responses

Anyone wishing to contribute more thoughts on the process or Lamont county in 2030 are invited to email.

Andrew - November 2, 2016

The strategic planning sessions made a great start in Andrew on Wednesday night. Special guest, former Premier Ed Stelmach, made an inspiring speech that encouraged all residents to consider the future of the County in light of current political and economic climates. A lot of good ideas came out of the conversations, and a big thanks goes out to everyone who attended!

andrew1    andrew3

St. Michael - November 17, 2016

A new group of fresh minds joined together on November 17th to share their vision of the future for Lamont County. Some really smart and forward-thinking ideas were presented, which shared very progressive and positive goals for the County to be reaching for. Thank you to everyone who attended, your fresh perspectives were very enlightening!

stmike1   stmike2

Bruderheim - November 30, 2016

There was an excellent turnout in Bruderheim for the November 30 Strategic Planning Session, and there was a lot of good discussion around what will be needed to help the community grow for residents. Thank to you to everyone for taking the initiative to be involved in this process!

bruderheim1   bruderheim2

Mundare - December 1, 2016

There was a smaller turn-out in Mundare for Strategic Planning, but excellent discussion took place, regardless. Some younger faces helped to present points of view on how to bring young families and children into the next fifteen years. Big thanks to those who participated!

mundare1   mundare2

Chipman - December 7, 2016

Despite the bitter cold, a lot of people came out in Chipman to the last general Strategic Planning session. There were a lot more younger faces to be seen than for the other events, which was great to see. New ideas were put forth, with a lot of emphasis on preserving the country lifestyle and agricultural land. Thank you to everyone who came and participated!

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