Heartland Residents

Lamont County's Industrial Heartland is located in the west portion of the county between Bruderheim and Lamont, and between Twp Rd 552 (in the south) and Twp Rd 572 (in the north). This area has been zoned for high industrial use, with a buffer zone of "Heartland Agriculture Industrial" to separate high industry areas from towns and agricultural properties.

Downloads for Heartland Residents

There are residents who live within the Heartland area, and Lamont County does its best to work with them to ensure they stay up-to-date on all development, and are aware of their rights as landowners. 

For more information on living in the Heartland please visit www.LifeInTheHeartland.com. For more information on Lamont County economic development, visit www.lamontcountynow.ca.