Contests and Awards

Every year the Agricultural Service Board sponsors awards to recognize the talents and hard work of Lamont County residents. 

Annual ASB Photo Contest

The Agricultural Service Board holds an annual Photo Contest to highlight the unique and beautiful moments caught on film by Lamont County Residents. Participants may submit up to two photos in each of the categories, County Life and Agriculture and Industry. Winners are voted on by Lamont County Council, as members of the Agricultural Service Board.
2020 Photo Contest Winners
Country Life
Michelle Whaling Country 1
1st Place
Michelle Whaling
Kristen Gusnowski Country 1
2nd Place
Kristen Gusnowski
Gordon Lucyk Country 1
3rd Place
Gordon Lucyk
Agriculture & Industry
Gordon Lucyk Ag 1
1st Place
Gordon Lucyk
2nd Place
Joan Dey
Joanne Calder AG 2
3rd Place
Joanne Calder
Peoples' Choice Winner

Tia Schram Country 2
Tia Schram

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Yard Site Beautification Awards

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the 2020 Yard Site Beautification Awards were cancelled. 

On August 16, 2019, Lamont County Agricultural Service Board held its annual Yard Site Beautification Awards. The award recipients and County representatives toured around Lamont County visiting the yards of residents who have put in a lot of time and hard work into their attractive yard sites. Lamont County would like to recognize the following recipients for their hard work and dedication put into beautification of their yards.

2019 Winners:
Division 1 Winners: Brent & Dawn Sharun & Family

     Division1a  Division1e  Division1c
Division 2 Winners: Rinas Family

    Division2a  Division2c  Division2d
Division 3 Winners: Tom & Mae Adamyk Family Farm

Division3a  Division3c  Division3e
Division 4 Winners: Rick Koroluk & Sherry Stadnick

Division4c  Division4e  Division4d
Division 5 Winners: Michael & Leeann Znak & Family

Division5a  Division5b  Division5c