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Winter Road Maintenance and Snow Removal

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Lamont County Public Works strives to provide a quick and efficient maintenance program during the winter months. With 3362 kms (2089 miles) of road covered by 8 graders, it normally takes 3 - 4 days for all local gravel roads to be cleared of snow; after a severe snow storm it may take longer. Driveway snow removal for those who have obtained flags will be done after the local roads have been cleared. In preparation for a major snow fall, please ensure you have enough heating fuel and su... More...

Reminder! Don't Push Snow Across the Roadway!

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Please remember, as you are clearing your approach from snow fall, Do NOT push the snow across the county road. The movement of snow across a roadway can often leave ridges, ruts or piles of snow that become dangerous and could cause damage to the motoring public; you, the landowner, could be held liable. Improper disposal of snow etc. is restricted under two separate Lamont County Bylaws: Road Use Bylaw #738.13 and Waste Disposal Bylaw #744.14, for a minimum combined fine of $600 for ... More...

Custom Snow Plowing/Grading Program

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Winter is coming and it’s time to beat the snow by being prepared! Lamont County is running the same Custom Snow Plowing/Grading on private driveways program as last winter. In accordance with Policy 5100, County residents who require at home medical services on a regular basis will receive the driveway clearing service on a no-charge basis. A doctor’s note stating the need for home care medical service, a map detailing the desired clearing area, and a signed annual agreemen... More...

Road Construction

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On July 27, 2015, Lamont County will be commencing road construction on Range Road 185 north of the bridge at the limestone creek to Township 564. Construction will be continuing through the remainder of the summer. This road will be open to local traffic only during the duration of the project. Lamont County will also be commencing paving repairs on Range Road 195 north of Highway 15 to Highway 29. The road will be open to local traffic only and trucks to the pioneer terminal can deto... More...

Bridge Closures

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Please be advised that beginning Monday March 2, 2015 bridge repairs will begin on BF:2494 then will proceed to BF:322 and BF:129, respectively. Each bridge should be closed for approximately 10 days weather permitting and without any project complications. Locations: BF: 2494 – Whitford Creek (SE 15-56-16-W4) – Division 4 Twp 562 – West of RR 162 BF: 322 – Beaverhill Creek (NW 34-55-19-W4) – Division 5 RR 193 – South of Twp 560 BF: 12... More...
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