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Toxic Weed Alert – Beware of Jimsonweed

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Jimsonweed has been found in canola fields recently in Barrhead, Leduc and Westlock Counties. ALL PARTS OF THE PLANT ARE POISONOUS Photos courtesy of Westlock County Concern: Jimsonweed (a.k.a Devil’s Trumpet) is a serious weed in cultivated land in the United States and eastern Canada. The plant has toxic effects that have resulted in death to livestock and humans that ingest it. Plant: The plant has smooth thick red to purple stems that can reach 2 meters tall. Leaves have... More...

AAAF Memorial Bursary Available for Students

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A $500 bursary is available for students continuing their education at a College or University. Students must be enrolled in an agricultural or environmental science program. The AAAF Memorial Bursary was created by the Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen, as an ongoing tribute to active or retired AAAF member who pass away, and in the spirit of continuing education valued by our Association. To apply for this $500 bursary submit an application and the required supporting docum... More...
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